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Dreadlox Holmes

Kid Afrika

Dreadlox Holmes has just discovered that he and Kid Afrika have made another Album, even though they were not planning to.

"We just got together wrote and recorded trax that we loved without the pressure of even thinking about making an Album, and found out that the last 12 songs we wrote and recorded, we were both on it, and neither one of us wanted to give up the songs for the others album ..."

"Also it would be a drag if one of us wanted to perform and the other was busy doing their own thing. So doing it like this would make sense to tour together, plus i want to tour this album with a live band" says Dreadlox Holmes "it's going to be rocking."

The trax styles range  from: Reggaeton, Hip Hop, Rock, Salsa, Pop and Latin grooves.

So the 2 have decided to merge their names for this project and release it under the name of DreadKid. The Album will be entitled Jamaica Verses Cuba, and will be in be in Spanish and English:-


The Album will feature, guest performances from Artists such as Heidi, Alberto Monosterio, Manic, Baraka Shambala.

1st track off the Album, might be "In Fashion".
There will be no album fillers; it will be Killer trax after Killer trax - 12 of them ...