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Sophie Serafino

Sophie Serafino is a violinist, singer and songwriter. Sophie has performed all over the world with her unique blend of music.

The style evolved after years of experimentation with many musical genres, has been described as entirely unique.

Sophie mixes world music with rock, dance, some middle eastern influence and classically inspired strings.

Sophie has toured with her original act to London, Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, Istanbul, Casablanca, Bahrain, Dubai, Delhi and Los Angeles.

Described as Annie Lennox meets Nigel Kennedy- Sophie will showcase her new album and stage show and be a guest performer with X-collective, who's album she also features on.


Sydney Morning Herald (2008): "refreshing - not only plays the violin but sings with amazing clarity"

Gail Kavanagh, Penrith Press (May 2003): “Serafino turns all concepts of violin virtuosity around”, “she takes the violin from the concert house into the world of the pop diva” and “ is one of the few who deserve the title of DIVA”

Inside Sport Magazine Australia (2003): “take one funky diva with a violin, mix with some pop flavoured opera and you’ll be bustin’ a move to Sophie Serafino music before you can say Pavarotti”

Daily Telegraph (May 2007): Serafino has ‘inimitable style’

Viva Magazine Australia (2003): “Serafino takes over the stage!”

Kate Kachor, 11 Magazine Australia (October 2004): "Mixing traditional classical with rap and sampling seemed too bold a move. However, the violin playing of Serafino is flawless, so magical as she conjures images with each movement, that her mixture of violin with urban sounds just works."

Daily Telegraph (2004): "in show-biz parlance, a person who can sing act and dance is called a triple threat. But Sophie Serafino can sing, act, dance, act and play the violin. Does that make her a quintuple threat?.......Sophie Serafino is talent"

Ben Black, 1340 Magazine USA (November 2004): Composer Sophie Serafino has done the unthinkable. Combining classical instrumentation with rap and funk, turning heads with every show, Serafino brings to the table symphonic level ability on the violin and a voice that is as clear as glass and she offers innovation and talent to back it up."

Oz Music Project (2003): "a kooky, sexed up version of Vanessa Mae meets Max Sharam."