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Project xXx

No matter who you are or how strong you think you are, there is always something that can defeat you. We firmly believe that we are the Nemesis to the music industry.

Quality will prevail. The days of the manufactured talentless bands are numbered -Project X along with the other true hardcore rock bands are the cure for that.

Not just another 'angry' heavy guitar act tapping into the lucrative market of youth angst and alienation, this explosive foursome offer much more. Project X display a lust for life and true revolutionary zeal.

From the vehement rant against industry politics in "Respect" to the sexual exuberance of "Calipornia" -their style is varied and engaging. Lead singer Randy J's versatility is evident -the album Nemesis showcases his fire-and-brimstone rap style riding over the velocity and power of Steve "Boogie" Marshall's heavy guitar riffs on the uptempo songs.

This contrasts with Bowie-esque melodic musings on the grandiose epic "Pornstars Get Lonely Too". Throughout, a compelling sense of urgency is fuelled by the ferocious rhythms thrashed out by the aptly named Cyclone -who creates a percussive whirlwind, given added momentum and depth by Mike Barnes' hard, edgy basslines.

Released five years after their formation, Nemesis boasts an exhilarating, genre-defying fusion of hard rock, hip-hop and metal. The lead single "Hate" and accompanying video is set to blow up in 2006. Best experienced live -the London based Project X unleash a sonic assault on their audiences, with passion and inexhaustible energy.

The synchronised leaps of bassist Mike and lead guitarist Steve, coupled with the crazy, unpredictable antics of Randy J -whip their audiences into a frenzied excitement. Their high intensity performances and technical brilliance recently impressed judges on the voting panel at the semi-finals of the 2004 Global Battle Of the Bands, earning them the honour of representing England.

In the summer of 2004 they had great success as headliners of the UK Unsigned Schools/Colleges tour -which won them the acclaim of competition judges as well as spectators. Continuing with the UK Unsigned tour, Project X are engaged on a country-wide crusade; with each dynamic appearance swelling the ranks of their devoted fanbase.

The tour has now extended beyond schools and colleges to incorporate all good live UK venues. Always the last to embrace difference, record companies have yet to take a chance on these four talented rockers. However, their ethnically diverse following bears testimony to their wide ranging appeal -proving that real rock fans are swayed solely by high quality music -something which Project X have in abundance.

Already stars on the underground circuit, it won't be long before the mainstream catches up.