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Gloria Nuti

Songwriter from Tuscany, Gloria teen-ager first began, playing guitar and flute performing assiduously.

1978 Ayx Teca AXIANDRA-AYX EMI. Theme from Rock..n..Roll film with Rodolfo Banchelli world champion of Acrobatic-Rock. She was previously dancing Acrobatic-Rock with Kim & The Cadillacs in MA CHE SERA Saturday..s program with RAFFAELLA CARRA(1977).

1979 Sanremo Festival. Ayx Disco, AXIANDRA-AYX EMI (Riccardo Galardini, Alessandro Cavicchi, Antonio Mustazza, Massimo Pacciani, Salvatore "Titi'" De Marcus, Lelio Bellandi)

1979 Maria Maddalena EXTRA CBS (Bob Rose, Walter Savelli, Carlo Felice Marcovecchio, Moreno Signorini, Federico Frigerio)

1980 Se avessi una bicicletta GIOCO (Ko-Ka Records WEA) (Franco Daldoss, Carlo Grasselli, Gianni Berlendis)

1981 Castrocaro Festival with Zucchero, Eros Ramazzotti, Fiordaliso, Stefano Sani, Stefano Caprioli, Roberto Tomasi, among others.

1982 Records an LP for RCA with a band from Naples called VIDEO (never published).

1985 She began her solo career on an Eurovision program Disco per l..Estate di St.Vincent performing Le Donne Italiane RCA, recorded in collaboration with Goblin, produced by Franco Migliacci & Rodolfo Bianchi.

1986 Had been working with Marco Masini.

1988 She signs with Polygram and records an album between Italy and England produced by Maurizio Fabrizio. Charlie Morgan alias "Manicdrums" (Elton John..s drummer) formed a band for her with the mythic guitarist from Colosseum Clem Clemson, David Paton bass, Mark Mc.Millen keyboards. She sings BASTARDO written together with Roberto Casini.

1989 Sanremo Festival. Filmed a video-clip in Sydney.
Tour with Stefano Xotta (Sebo) and Steve Rogers Band.
Disagreements between producer and Polygram interrupted the distribution of the record drastically.

1990 Digs within herself looking for more humanity she began meeting member of the Soka Gakkai International and works indefatigably for the value creation society throughout peace culture and education starting from oneself.

1991 Bussoladomani with Renato Zero.

1993 She writes for Angelo Branduardi and Ladri di Biciclette.

1994 She writes Il Mare Calmo Della Sera with Zucchero and G.Felisatti for Andrea Bocelli winner at Sanremo Festival. Il Mare Calmo Della Sera it is now published around the world in several Greatest Hits CDs.

1995 Move to London. Looking for a different life-style. She experienced working in the films industry. Works for Rainer Grupe e Ariane L.Moody, Gorilla Entertainment during the post-production of Buffalo Soldiers. Her creativity leads her to work on props of several TV studios, advertisements and film like Alexander by Oliver Stone.

Currently she is working on a new project, a book and a mirrors exhibition.