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Dreadlox Holmes

Dreadlox Holmes aka Steve Wellington is not your ordinary producer, he is a multi-talented, multi-faceted UK born-Jamaican grown and now London-based Guitarist, Songwriter, Producer and Performer.

Where there is soul, a melody and lyrics involved, Dreadlox Holmes is there with it. The last 10 years have seen Dreadlox Holmes writing, producing and collaborating with numerous up and coming stars of the future.

He works with talented artists in all genres of music from rock to funk, R&B and Blues to Hip Hop, Jazz, Folk, Metal & Hardcore.
He started playing guitar more than 20 years ago but doesn't restrict himself to one style of music.

Below are some examples of the variety of artists he's worked with and projects he's worked on:

May 2008  Co-Written & produced Brigitte Meuwsen’s Debut single “That’s What It’s All About” to be released 1st Sept. 2008 on Havavision Records

Co- Wrote and Produced Heidi's "The Love Album", recorded in New York in the Summer of 2007, Released On Our Own Label HAVAVISION RECORDS 14th Feb. 2008 Valentines day Worldwide online and from our own website in the physical form, and it has so far received to critical Acclaim.

Four  songs Written and produced By Steve Wellington Aka Dreadlox Holmes were used in the BBC1 Drama, (Messiah The Rapture) Aired Sun- Mon 20th-21st Jan 2008

In 2007, Dreadlox Holmes Wrote 5 tracks for the Turkish Movie Pars: Kiraz operasyonu (2007)
directed by Osman Sinav

The song "5 Million Strong" was Written and Produced by Dreadlox Holmes commissioned by Ken Livingston Mayor of London, this song is currently being used as the theme song for 1824 collective government campaign to get the young people from the ages of 18-24 to resister to vote, before the March 13 2006 Deadline, and to vote in the local elections May 4 2006.

This song is now on rotation on all good radio stations, MTV, MTV BASE and Channel U, to watch the video and get more info about registering to vote go to, www.1824collective.co.uk

'TRANSIT' (MTV feature film), Released worldwide December 1st 2005.
Composed entire original soundtrack and film score with co-writer Srdjan Kurpjel of Zound Ltd in London - Click here for an article about this project

PROJECT xXx album Nemesis – released 2004

NATASCHA SOHL album Strange Fascination - www.nataschasohl.com
Co-writer of single Give It All Away
Release date: 12/04 by Granite Music CDPBRC011 in UK

DINO MERLIN album Burek - www.dinomerlin.com
Produced 'Ako Nastavis Ovako' from the album 'BUREK'
Release date: 07/04 in Europe

THE SOUND OF EVERYTHING Volume 1 www.thesoundofeverything.com
Co-wrote and produced following songs: Boy/girlfriend, He Almost Fell In Love Tonight and Let Love Live Forever
Release date: 12/04 in Greece and Cyprus

Co-wrote and produced Track: Little Rich Freak
Release date: 12/04 LES INROCKUPTIBLES Compilation, France

Siren Filter full length Studio Album “Altered frequencies” was released on 1st May 2008

Co-produced, arranged and co-wrote most of the album
Single Come My Angel with Remixes
Release date single: 10/04 Soleservice Recordings in UK

ZEIN SIMONE, 'The Change' EP, 2005
Produced and co-wrote EP 

Co-wrote and produced Single 'Crazy 4 Your Love' 


Co-wrote and produced EP
Release date: 1996 in UK 

Currently working on a Album with Kid Afrika a Cuban rapper - www.kidafrika.com, Baraka a UK rapper & Jelena Kovacevic & Iva I.Kon both Serbian songstresses, and many many Other talented Artists, Check havavision records for full roster of Artists and Colabo’s